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Guided meditation is a unique modality that invites you to “go within” and find the space you need for self-discovery and healing.

Private Training

Connect with me one-on-one, or meet me in person for a customized training program that meets your needs.

Movement Evaluations

A series of simple assessments, and we can identify and correct issues to get you on the right path.

Nutritional Coaching

Together, we’ll analyze some key factors to determine how best to meet your nutritional needs and lifestyle.

Why Our Fit Future?

Robyn has worked with many clients just like you! Here’s what they say about her…

Unlike a lot of trainers who focus solely on “more plates/more reps”, Robyn’s approach is more wholistic and varies with the client and session. I’ve worked with her for years and continue to believe there is value added.

Tim Burnett

I have known Robyn to be an encourager in my fitness for three years. She has been a positive influence on many of my relatives as well. She orients to the needs of the individual, even in group settings.

Danny Farley

I’ve been privileged to know Robyn for the past 14 years. She’s helped coach me, nutritionally, as well as physically. To what degree? She’s brought me through countless injuries, helped me maintain and modify my workload and workouts, as I’ve aged. She’s about functional fitness. Strength and mobility. Working towards your wellness goals. I know you have a story to tell, as well.

Sharee Brown

Robyn Gest helped my sweet, determined husband, Mike Baxter, walk again… she did an awesome job of starting out slow, and then, wow, he walked with a walker… Robyn is very knowledgeable in her field and can help you on Zoom or in person…We will always be thankful… Mike was diagnosed wrongly with ALS. Robyn’s discovery and push for the proper diagnosis’ helped keep him here on this Earth. She’s the best functional fitness coach,, and personal trainer you’ve never had!

Amy Brady

Robyn has been a great motivator and coach, helping me to attain my fitness goals. Her approach is simple but thorough, fun but challenging, and, most importantly, structured for someone like myself who is easily distracted. In addition to setting realistic milestones along my fitness journey, she has helped me to understand that I cannot outwork my diet. I have worked with other trainers in the past who have shared similar thoughts. However, Robyn was there to show and help me understand what that means beyond the phrase. She took the time to share with me easy meal prep ideas and what to eat daily if I wanted REAL results that complement my workout goals. I would give her more than 5 stars if possible.

Eric Bouvet

To quote Tony the Tiger, Robyn is GRRREAAT! She’s got the right mix of energy and cheerfulness to make you want to perform well. Robyn seems to know how to push to get optimal performance, plus she offers a holistic approach to achieving optimal overall health.

Roddy Davis

Robyn is fantastic as a person and a trainer. Could not recommend her more!

Caroline Brassfield

Robyn is fabulous. She is knowledgeable, positive, and always encouraging. I love taking her classes!

C. May

Robyn Gest is clearly the best condition and strength trainer, incorporating customized target exercise activities with balanced nutrition to yield maximum results.

James Lewis